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Gothica and Kalien have both been adopted ^_^ I'm so happy!! But Asmoni got lost in a transfer to one of my side accounts... *cry*

So right now Lord_general_kass is up for adoption (he is a glowing eyrie).

As for getting more people to see this place, try putting the url on your userlookup, shop, pet pages, and pet look up. Create a guild (If you aren't in one already) and advertise it there or in the one you already belong to. Enter the BC and put it in your paragraph so that people will see it and do the same with trades. If you make an adoption guild, you can always join so more people will see your guild (also your fosters) and join. You can also advertise (don't spam) your pet on the help chat and see if you get any applications for the foster (that is if you want applications... if you are just looking for a new owner, just putting the pet into the pound will sufice since painted pets are snatched up pretty quick)

Well that is my 2 cents ^_^
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