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This is the first post in this community - yay for that!
Figured I'd start it off with a pet I'm trying to find a home for - a mutant kacheek by the name of Go2MysteryIslandBech.

I adopted him during the rush of kacheek-creation that came when the kacheek avatar was released - I then zapped him until he was cool-looking and now I'm trying to find him a permanent home! He's got really poor stats (sigh) and a really crappy name but he's also got really cool brains showing in his head!

If you'd like to adopt him, just leave a comment on this entry - I'd like for Bech to find a loving, permanent home with a sibling or two. Show me that you can take care of him, and you've got a good chance!

A note - yes, I know that the animals on Neopets are just pixels. I still feel very sentimental about them. Blah to you if you think otherwise! :D
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