Lulu (lulufallsdown) wrote in neopets_orphans,

Ack, I've gone and forgotten about this community.

My bad! I haven't been posting lately, and I'm sorry.

I just transferred JubJubNotChub987the Disco Jubjub to sweetiebum526 and I'm feeling good about it :)

Right now, I've got a yellow skeith that I just adopted from the pound. I'll be zapping asdfghmkljhasdfghjke for a while, until I can find the poor guy a new home. I'll try and update in here when he's been zapped!

I'm also trying to find homes for the following pets: a starry tonu, a spotted grundo, a brown grundo, and a glowing uni. If you are willing to provide a good home, just comment on this entry and I'll see what I can do about transferring the pet!
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